About Denise

About Denise

Denise is a Sydney based full-time practising artist with a passion for pet portraits and their people too!

A childhood dream to become an artist is now reality. Everyday I think how privileged I am to create these portraits which show the love felt for someone special in our lives. Portraiture has been the one constant in a life long love affair with art.

I am sometimes asked, "why paint pets?" Its simple. I adore animals, especially dogs. They provide such happiness to us, all for a pat on the head and a bowl of food. Never asking for more than just a bit of attention, how could you not love them.

Dogs are so full of life. Their ever changing facial expressions range from joy and exuberance to the most soul destroying sadness. Ever walked back into your home after receiving one of those “you’re leaving me” again looks, I have...

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