Order a pet portrait

Choose your preferred canvas size

  1. Send a photo along with your contact details
  2. You'll receive an invoice
  3. Send a deposit of 20%
  4. You'll receive ongoing updates regarding the progress
  5. Select the size you'd like from the list below.

The prices listed are for one pet only, with a simple background colour.

Prices will vary for additional pets or people on the one canvas, or a detailed background e.g. landscape.



Timeframe of 4-6 weeks, depending on my workload. Once approved, final payment is required. When your portrait is ready, it can be collected or I can send by post. Postal charges apply and prices will vary.

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8 x 10 inch (22cm x 25cm)    Enquire

10 x 10 inch (25cm x 25cm)  $400

12 x 12 inch (30cm x 30cm)  $500

12 x 16 inch (30cm x 40cm)  $800

14 x 18 inch (36cm x 46cm)  $1,100

16 x 23 inch (42cm x 60cm)  Enquire